Birdie Lawson


Birdie Lawson

Birdie is a spiritual health practitioner who has been involved in doing group and individual energy work for the last 15 years in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and queens communities.

As a priestess, she works with each individual to reveal their own infinite and divine nature. As a shamanic therapist, she is able to exercise and exorcise the vibrations necessary for a sustained holistic relationship with self and the greater communities. As a visionary/ spiritual midwife, she assists in providing the understanding and support needed to re-birth the self, including recommendations for what actions best facilitate personal evolution. As an Oracle, she gives the gift the awareness that is vital to recognizing what divine opportunity exists within the folds of the lessons of existence.

Using a solely holistic approach, she pulls resources and knowledge from her own Native American tradition, as well as those she has closely studied, including Kabbalah, chakra system, tarot, astrology, Celtic ritual, Chinese medicine, buddhism and yoga, employing these systems as mediums of wisdom and momentum used to light and ignite your path to power, peace, and abundance.