Tarot Pull for the Week of October 6th: Luxury, The Lovers, and Pleasure

You don’t need a background in Tarot to understand the theme of this week’s cards. The titles themselves—luxury, lovers, and pleasure—evoke romance. Taking off your work shoes and slipping into a silky pair of designer pumps style romance. Dangling said pumps from freshly manicured toes beneath a white linen tablecloth. Releasing laughter as full and clear as your freshly filled glass of red wine. Falling completely out of your day-to-day thought patterns, mood and responsibilities, into the highest sheet thread count outside of Egypt—that style of romance.


We’re in the heart of Libra season now, with a host of other planets holding court in her sign. These cards confirm that she’s not only sashayed center stage, she’s got a firm grip on the mic. Libra is ruled by Venus: the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. As the seventh zodiac sign, Libra also marks a midpoint: between the ripeness of summer and the onset of winter, the decline of sunlight and the rise of night. She’s positioned exactly in the middle, weighing out the two halves of what came before and what’s next. Libra’s zodiac placement grants her a unique responsibility: to accommodate both sides simultaneously, letting one pass and the other rise, all while staying poised front and center. In order to pull off this cosmic balancing act, Libra relies upon the strengths of her planetary ruler, Venus. The grace and charm associated with Libra are not just flair points: they’re necessary qualities for harmonizing fundamentally opposite ideals.

With that in mind, Libra’s first and foremost call to action is to help us recalibrate imbalances in our lives. In this instance, she’s pulling all the stops of her planetary ruler to get us back on track. These cards don’t simply ask us to start indulging our inner romantic (although, to be sure, that could be called for). They spell out a serious need for setting aside time for our passions, investing in whatever makes us feel released from the cares of everyday responsibilities, and encourage us to deeply nourish ourselves with relationships that give back as much as we put into them. The result is that deeply satiated feeling we get when we’re in love, that sense of completeness that comes from being thoroughly cared for.

To take a closer look at the cards themselves, we have: the four of cups + The Lovers + the Six of Cups. The four of cups is a card of meditation, of taking time to reflect before making a choice. It suggests either an unawareness or an apathy towards current possibilities. The Lovers represents the melding of two opposite energies, as well as choice. The six of cups is strongly related to the Lovers. It evokes pleasant past times, sharing, and relationships. Taken all together, I see this reading suggestion a few different meanings.

The strongest and most obvious interpretation underscores a strong need to take time out from your daily hustle and choose instead to spend time with people or activities that make you feel cared for, special, and passionate. Sidling up besides that message, is the suggestion that these opportunities are right in front of you. However, it’s your responsibility to choose to invest your energy in what you love. To enter a reciprocal relationship with what’s being offered, and to take it for what it is. We can’t force our desires, passions, and interests to conform to our will. We can choose who and what we open ourselves up to, and trust that the shared experience is supported and blessed by Universal Will. Lastly, if you’ve been on the sidelines of some creative pursuit, partnership, or passion project, now is definitely the time to take the leap.

Here are a few practical ways for putting this blueprint into action. For the rest of your week, see if you can apply any of the following pointers.

  • Adorn your altar or nightstand with one object that exists purely for the sake of pleasure and beauty. A beautiful book of art you love, a new bouquet of flowers, a sculpture that speaks to you. Alternatively (and if you have the financial means), purchase something that connotes the height of luxury. Go for that piece of lingerie that is anything but practical but makes you feel like a million bucks. Or treat yourself to a fancy meal. Indulge in an item or event that is purely for pleasure’s sake.

  • Throughout your week, whenever a new opportunity arises / a decision arises, pause and assess your options before making your choice. Ask yourself: will this give back to me us much as I’m willing to give it? Can I turn this experience into a moment that inspires me and uplifts me rather than meeting my basic needs? This could manifest in as simple a way as ditching the lunch salad you eat at your desk, and going for almond-encrusted salmon at the restaurant outside your office. It could mean saying “no” to a less-than-promising social event and choosing the pleasure of your own company instead. Whatever that choice is for you, see how your day opens up from doing yourself that kind favor.

  • Take time to be completely off your grind to spend time with a passion project. Treat it the way you would treat time with your soulmate. Turn off your phone, put on an outfit you love, light some candles, and then show up at your desk / easel / stove / etc. Be mindful of what you contribute to the union, and see how that respect for the sacredness of that bond enriches the experience. If you’re a writer, for instance, don’t show up to the page with your problems. Give it the best of yourself and see what manifests as a result.

  • If you’re in a relationship, these cards could signify an auspicious time to spend quality time with your partner. If you’re single, see if you can’t up the ante on your dating game by asking that the people who come into your life are willing to meet a higher standard than one you set before. Make sure that the metrics you apply aren’t superficial, but acknowledge and tend to your deeper desires and needs. If you’re not sure what those are, it could be a good time to step out of the dating arena for a while until you figure out what exactly your heart wants.

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