Breathwork as Self-Care

The first thing we do when we come into this world is take our first breath, and we can
sometimes forget it is a superpower we always have at our disposal.

In this one-on-one session, you will learn to use the power of the breath to move stuck energy in the body, to reset and release emotions, and perhaps even conjure up some creativity. Breathwork is a powerful tool that can help you process your emotions, as well as help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Come reconnect with yourself and get in the flow with Kelly Corzine, a Breathwork facilitator, Mama Glow Doula, and Brooklyn Mama. 





Kelly Corzine

Kelly runs a private practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offering doula and breathwork services. After becoming a mother in 2012, and with over a decade of experience working in some of NYC's best restaurants, she is on a mission to redefine the wellness space in the context of hospitality.

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