Cynthia Roszkowski


Cynthia Roszkowski

Cynthia Roszkowski is a Reiki Healer, Reiki Teacher, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a lifelong seeker of truth and magic. Cynthia felt the call to be a healer her entire life and thought she answered it when she became a licensed Physical Therapist upon earning her Doctorate from Columbia University in 2010. Life had other plans.

After working as a Physical Therapist for 7 years, she felt as if she was missing something. She is deeply committed to seeing ALL her patients heal and had turned to science by becoming board certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and taking triple the amount of continuing education courses required. She turned to evidence-based practice but also noticed the power that kindness, listening, laughter, and prayer have in a person’s recovery. She began to wonder if science had all the answers. Around this time, she also found that she could no longer outrun the grief of losing her mother to cancer and all of her other issues. She had to turn inwards on her own healing journey. Reiki came into her life and has been a transformative awakening force for which she is forever grateful.

Cynthia has been studying Reiki since 2017 under the tutelage of Nicole Lynne Hooley at the Glowing Heart Reiki School. She is currently completing her Reiki Master studies. After exploring the many spiritual workshops offered in NYC, she has also found that meditation, dreamwork, and Shamanism resonate deeply with her.

Cynthia’s mission as a healer is to bridge science and spirituality. In her Reiki offerings, her intention is to empower others to be their own healer.