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Yoga Soundbath + Massage with Chelsey and Ryan


The ideal combination of sound therapy, yin/restorative yoga and massage to maximize your healing potential.

Ryan will be creating a resonant soundscape throughout the workshop and Chelsey will be leading yoga and giving personalized massages based on the Rolfing® method of Structural Integration. 

Sound has the potential to be used as a healing modality. Ryan will talk about the science of how it can affect our brain, body, and emotional state. During the workshop various instruments will be played including crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, shruti box, Biosonic tuning forks, harmonium w/ mantra singing, Koshi chimes, UFO drum, and Tuvan throat singing.

Yin yoga involves deep, long-held stretches of the muscles, nerves and fascia to lengthen the entire body, decompressing joints and improving circulation. Restorative yoga induces a parasympathetic "relaxation response" to soothe and heal the nervous system and emotions. This is similar to what is experienced during deep sleep.

Personalized mini-massages will be offered while you are in the yoga poses to complement their effects. Depending on the individual, these may be subtle and gentle or strong myofascial releases. You can always provide feedback as to the level and quality of touch that you want, or opt out of this portion if you'd prefer not to be touched. 

Move Mindfully, Release Tension, Restore Deeply.

This experience is open to all. 

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Ryan Kenney @ryanleekenney
is a 200hr Sarva Yoga and an 800hr Jivamukti Yoga certified instructor, and a 125hr MNDFL Sound Practitioner. Ryan began playing music in the 3rd grade and realized very early his deep connection and love with sound. He's played in orchestras, jazz bands, rock bands, and musical theater pits until his mid twenties before beginning a career in TV commercials as an Assistant Director. Yoga became a daily part of his life around 2011 after searching for answer post heart break. Yogic practices helped reshape and restructure his life and he grateful to be able to share all that he has learned.

Chelsey Kapuscinski @rolf_yoga_bychelsey
is a Certified Rolfer, yoga instructor and healer whose work is about helping people discover the possibility of abundant health through movement, meditation and Rolfing bodywork. Originally from Buffalo, she moved to NYC to pursue an academic career but after discovering Rolfing she decided that she could best help the world with her hands. She holds 300 hours of yoga training and 8 years of daily practice, and has studied with Ella Luckett, Abby Paloma, and Rose Erin Vaughn. In the Rolfing Community she has studied with Teah Field, Marcela Bugge, Ray McCall and many other talented instructors. Chelsey loves to travel, eat awesome vegan food and connect with other amazing humans.