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Medicinal Mushrooms: Healing Body, Soul, & World with Micaela Foley

Fungi are the web that weaves us all together! Join us to learn about the amazing, multi-faceted healing aspects of mushrooms and fungi, considered by many to be our most intimate allies. In this class, we will explore how mushrooms can aid in the rejuvenation and repair of our physical selves, our emotional and spiritual well being, and our beloved environment. In this class, we'll cover topics like mycoremediation, history of mushroomsand fungi, spiritual and esoteric uses, and how to incorporate medicinal mushrooms in our own health and wellness protocols. Go home with a better understanding of our fungal friends and feel empowered to take your health and consciousness to the next level. 

Exchange //$20 in advance & $25 at the door

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Short bio (optional): Micaela Foley is a practicing herbalist with an educational background in Western herbalism, alchemy, and medical astrology. She completed the foundational course from herbal college, ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism and has previously taken courses on alchemy and astrological herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She currently manages the herbal program at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, writes articles for The Alchemist’s Kitchen blog, teaches classes and workshops, and fields questions about herbs, products, and protocols at