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Spell Writing and Binding for Beginners: an Introductory Workshop

This two hour workshop lead by Ancient Nouveau provides students with a blueprint for recognizing the diverse spiritual tools available to them for manifesting personal karma in the physical realm. Students should bring a notebook and writing utensil, as well as: one physical object or symbol that has outgrown its meaning, and that is ready to be relinquished; one physical object or symbol that represents their future intentions for what they want to cultivate.

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Ancient Nouveau is a cosmic collaboration of two old mystical warrior souls reunited in this lifetime to continue their karmic journey together of cultivating a potent spiritual community on earth. 

Elisia G. is a renowned taroista, shamaness, and Feng-Shui wizard based in Brooklyn. Birdie Lawson is a pagan priestess specializing in Native ritual and divine interpretation.