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Diving Deep With (Y)in Yoga w/ Kristen Volpone

This 2-hour journey of Yin Yoga invites you to follow your natural pattern. In our exploration of Yin postures we will confront natural edges of sensation according to our intuition and knowledge of our own body, mind, and heart. This will be a time for you to deeply listen to what is going on within the layers of your being. We will hold postures compassionately for 3-5 minutes to address the connective tissue where Qi (life force energy) travels through. In this process, we may cross paths with tender or raw emotions. We will have the support of blankets, blocks, and bolsters to aid us in being still and observing what comes up. Music, poetry, and candle light will serenade us to softly witness ourselves. This workshop will nurture gratitude and faith in yourself. Simply come dive into all that is you, give yourself some love, and just BE.

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Kristen is a heart consciousness enthusiast. She believes in listening to the heart and body as invitations to discover self-truth, trust, and wisdom. Yin Yoga has been a practice that has created space for her to deeply and honestly explore this. Kristen has infinite faith in Yin as a main ingredient that encourages kindness, compassion, acceptance, mindfulness, and love into the world. Her interests lay within the teachings of Yoga and meditation which shift perspective, transform attitudes, tend to trauma, and open doors to healing. Kristen’s classes are self-explorative journeys. She acknowledges humanness through all channels of body, mind, emotion, feeling, heart, spirit, and soul. She is grateful to be on this unique and rich path of exploring the energetic tapestry of the human body and offerings of the hearts gifts.