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Yin/Yang Yoga w/ Kristen Volpone

This class invites you to nourish both the Yin and Yang parts of you to create balance in your body, mind, and heart. We will start class in juicy Yin shapes to create mindful and kind awareness of our current state. Yin stretches and strengthens the deep connective tissues that are woven through the body under muscular and superficial layers. Yang Flow movement will follow to invigorate and energize us. This dynamic energetic practice will bring heat and rejuvenation to the body with Yin attitude.  You will leave feeling inspired, connected and centered.

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Kristen is a heart consciousness enthusiast. She believes in listening to the heart and body as invitations to discover self-truth, trust, and wisdom. Yin Yoga has been a practice that has created space for her to deeply and honestly explore this. Kristen has infinite faith in Yin as a main ingredient that encourages kindness, compassion, acceptance, mindfulness, and love into the world. Her interests lay within the teachings of Yoga and meditation which shift perspective, transform attitudes, tend to trauma, and open doors to healing. Kristen’s classes are self-explorative journeys. She acknowledges humanness through all channels of body, mind, emotion, feeling, heart, spirit, and soul. She is grateful to be on this unique and rich path of exploring the energetic tapestry of the human body and offerings of the hearts gifts.

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