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Awakening the Cyclic Goddess - Understanding your Moon Cycle

Attune to the season by deepening your connection to the earth. The inward energy of Autumn the Yin season is approaching and we naturally need to invite more warmth into our life as plants die back and go into root energy. In this three hour workshop you will learn there is a fundamental essence of who you are that is your true nature. Together we will identify the energies and the relation between the menstrual, lunar and earth cycles that will enable you to pass through each of your life phases with more ease. The change from Maiden to Mother to Enchantress to Crone will become easier to accept in the knowledge of the turning of the cycle. With the altering awareness and perception of awakening the cyclic goddess in you, your creative, sexual and spiritual energies become your inner wild compass for life. 

//Learn about your Cyclic nature and connect more deeply to the four phases of your menstrual cycle

//Share in discussion about the connection between creativity, sexuality and spirituality

//Connect to the meaning in the mythology and the four archetypes of your cycle

//Movement: gentle yoga to stimulate root & sacral chakra for grounding & creativity to restore our foundation and nurtures our senses

//Nourishment: herbs and foods to support mind-body-spirit cycles

//Journal reflection

//Awareness of Womb Meditaiton

//Learn how to use a moon dial as a menstrual calender of your unique energies

//Receive an Earth-Yoni Blessing an energy attuenment that connects with Divine Feminine! 

Vanessa Termini is deeply rooted in the teachings and expressions of the Goddess & Divine Feminine. She is a practioner of Holistic Sexual Wellness, Advanced Moon Mother, Tantra teacher, doula, and yoga teacher. She is a sister of the Root Mamma's and is an integral part of our growing community of healing sisters. Her offerings will be availabe to you at Root Mamma // if you have questions about this workshop please reach out to Vanessa she will be happy to connect with you. Aho!

Francesca Marini is devoted to studying and sharing fertility and perinatal wellness. She first discovered the power of mind-body medicine through Yoga after spine surgery as a teen, which influenced her search for effective care in her struggle with reproductive health issues. 

This search brought her to the study of ancient healing modalities as well as nutrition, herbal medicine and energy work. Francesca has a master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies with certification in Guided Imagery and Wellness Coaching. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki practitioner, and certified Labor and Postpartum Doula.

Francesca offers a calm, intuitive and unbiased presence, and is passionate about facilitating positive reproductive experiences by connecting people to practical information as well as their own inner wisdom. 

suggested exchange // $35 online // $40 day-of

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