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Intro to Tantric Meditation - Meeting The Inner Beloved

Drawing from Sri Vidya and Kashmir Shaivism traditions of Tantra, a spiritual technology aimed to awaken and liberate us we will explore a range of modalities that will deepen your meditation. In Tantra there are fundamental aspects of life, being, conscsiouness and energy which are Shiva and Shakti. The recognition that there are cycles within every meditation practice is essentail in understanding to learn to feel the rythm of your own practice. These practices are doors to open, to love and consciouness. 
Meeting the Inner Beloved will include:

//Getting clear on common misunderstandings about meditation

//Mantra meditaiton - energy in the words

//Deity meditation

//Lakshmi invocation and devotional practices to the Sacred Feminine

//Tantric breath practices

//Partner meditation

Vanessa Termini is deeply rooted in the teachings and expressions of the Goddess & Divine Feminine. She is a practitioner of Holistic Sexual Wellness, Advanced Moon Mother, Tantra teacher, doula, and yoga teacher. She is a sister of the Root Mamma's and is an integral part of our growing community of healing sisters. Her offerings will be availabe to you at Root Mamma // if you have questions about this workshop please reach out to Vanessa she will be happy to connect with you. Aho!

suggested exchange // $25 online // $30 day-of

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