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DreamCraft with Sarah Rayne: Beautiful Blue Dreams

Join Root Mamma co-founder Sarah Rayne for this hands-on crafting workshop incorporating nature, photography, bookbinding, and dreamwork! In this workshop you will learn about the cyanotyping printing process, and create beautiful custom prints using the power of the sun. These prints can be made using leaves, flowers, seashells, lace, or any object or plant you can think of!

We will provide materials for you to use to create your cyanotype, but feel free to bring your own objects or plants if you have something special in mind. You will also be taught basic bookbinding techniques, and you will use your beautiful cyanotype prints as covers when creating your very own dream journal. At the end of this class, you will have a beautiful dream journal to take home, that you've lovingly crafted by hand.

In this class you will also learn about the basic history of cyanotyping, and how to re-create this fun and easy process at home! You will take home a worksheet with instructions for basic bookbinding for you to use in the future. We will also discuss the practice of dream journaling, and how to incorporate these habits into your waking life to improve your dream life!

We hope you will join us for this fun day of art and beauty!

Exchange: $35

*Includes a $15 materials fee

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