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Reiki Level 1 w/ Sarah Rayne

Reiki Level 1


with Sarah Rayne

Reiki is a universal life-force energy, which was rediscovered in Japan in the 1920's. When used with care & intention, Reiki can have the profound ability to help heal people, animals, and situations on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical level. Reiki can also act as a trusted guide & ally in your daily life, creative practices, in conjunction with other healing modalities, and so much more!

In choosing to welcome Reiki into your life, you are committing to beginning the process of healing yourself in a deep way, so that you can live your truth, move towards your highest potential, and spread love and light in the world around you. Are you ready?

Part group healing ceremony, part informative class, this day-long Reiki Level 1 certification course taught by Reiki Master Sarah Rayne will include:

-A modern history of Reiki
-An introduction to the Reiki Principles & the philosophy of the practice
-An explanation of Qi and how it relates to Reiki
-Instruction & hands-on practice on how to activate Reiki and use it to treat yourself
-An introduction & hands-on practice on how to treat others with Reiki
-An overview of the chakra & meridian systems and how you can use them to help guide your treatments
-A private Reiki attunement
-Tips on additional & traditional techniques, how to use Reiki in all areas of your life, creative endeavors, and more!
-Recommendations on additional resources & physical practices to help you develop an awareness of energy moving through your body
-Information & blessings for your 21 days of self healing!

The intention for this course is to introduce and attune you to Reiki, so that you can use it to support your own healing, and practice on friends and family. If the Reiki energy resonates with you and you feel called to dive deeper, or to begin to practice Reiki professionally, we highly recommend taking a Reiki Level 2 course, which will be offered at Root Mamma in the winter!

Exchange // $222


*Partial Scholarships and work exchange trades may be available for those with sincere financial need. If you are interested in applying, please reach out to


About Sarah…

Sarah Rayne is a Reiki Master, a facilitator of joy, and a healing artist. She is the big mamma at Root Mamma! Her mission is to help lead others towards re-discovering the joy of natural creative and community practices, to empower them to walk their own path of self-healing. As a queer woman, she is dedicated to honoring and uplifting those communities and identities, while being a safe space and ally for people of color, and folks of all identities and beliefs who are in need of support. Her passions include music, art, and nature. She is here to shine her light, in hopes that it will inspire you to shine yours, too!

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