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Intro to Yoni Eggs with Cara

intro to yoni eggs.jpg

hosted by Cara Kovacs (aka The Erotic Esoteric)

Learn the thousand year old sacred practice of Yoni Eggs! Dispelling any myths and false information you may have heard, get the REAL deal on what stones to use, where to buy them from, how to incorporate practice rituals into your routine and more!

Workshop includes a talk about the benefits of yoni practice, expert advice, q&a, and resource guide.

Exchange // $25
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Cara Kovacs is the Erotic Esoteric, a spiritual arts practitioner and Sex, Love, & Relationship coach completing her training with Layla Martin. A third generation reiki master and second generation oracle reader, she mixes the esoteric arts with practical knowledge, humor and love. She teaches workshops, appears at festivals, and takes private clients.