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Empowering the Body Mind: Empath Support Group

Empowering the Body Mind: Empath Support Group

Hosted by Nicole Lynne Hooley

More and more people are waking up to their body's receptivity to the emotional state of others and the world, these people have come to be known as Empaths! By becoming more awake of our body's subtle awareness and taking steps to better care for ourselves we can use this sensitivity for good! These weekly gatherings are intended to bring empowerment to those of have been labeled as over-sensitive, introverted, anxious, irritable, or even who might be suffering from more serious issues like agoraphobia. The hope is that by better understanding what it means to be an empath and connecting with other likened beings, participants will learn to see there sensitivity as a gift!

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Cole's offerings come from her connection to source and her personal journey toward holistic healing and self empowerment. She takes from her Reiki practice, a lifelong astrological education, her background in philosophy & religion, over half a decade of teaching yoga asana, a fundamental understanding Ayurvedic Food Science and Chinese medicine, as well as her intuitive wisdom. Her goal is to create a sense of self-reliance in all of her clients. She wants to awaken the natural healing & empowerment process in as many people as she is blessed to work with. She believes in being guided by a personal awareness of subtle energy and does not follow any particular dogma or creed other than that which has organically risen from direct life experience. She believes that this process allows for one to live from a place of personal awareness and accountability, without harboring unnecessary shame and guilt.

Nicole's intention as a healing guide is to assist in releasing ancestral wounding and lifetime conditioning. Her goal is that through this subtle work, she and those who work with her can live their best lives and pass their blessings forward to those they love, the world and future generations.