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Awakened Empaths Circle

Awakened Empaths Circle


Hosted by Betsabé Luna

Do you find yourself feeling drained, overwhelmed or anxious? Does being around too many people or lots of external stimulation make you short-circuit? Do you find yourself feeling like you are “too” sensitive? Do you regularly need a break to refuel and recover from the world around you? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, chances are you are an empath, or someone who is highly aware of and sensitive to the energies around them. 

This city can be quite overwhelming for empaths. Many empaths feel like there is something wrong with them, or feel isolated and alone on their life journeys. However, being an empath is your blessing and your superpower!

Awakened Empaths was created to give empaths the sacred healing space necessary to give and receive support from one another. We will discuss topics related to being energy sensitive and offer techniques to manage energy overload. 

Exchange // $20 Suggested Donation

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Betsabé Luna is a self-identified empath, earth mama, Reiki healer, essential oil lover, and avid globe-trotter. She is a 200 RYT from Samyak Yoga School in India where she completed her certification in 2014. Since 2012, she has been practicing Vipassana meditation through the Theravada Buddhist Tradition, and regularly attends meditation and yoga retreats around the world.

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