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Feminine Empowerment through Natural Contraceptives

 Feminine Empowerment through Natural Contraceptives

Hosted by Daniela Reul

Did you know your uterus has a memory? And remembers every partner you've been with? It is also responsible for your creativity, emotions, and attracting your sexual partners. Your uterus is a center with infinite power and its functions have been reduced to see it as a reproductive organ. We have been bombarded with contraceptives for whatever condition we have, and it has led to many health issues, but most importantly it has made us disconnect from our feminine essence. In this class we will learn how to jump back into our cycle and own the responsibility of being a woman! 

In this workshop we will dive into the female and male essences, understanding the importance of the uterus and how it is connected so deeply into the woman's psyche. Even though times have changed and women have more freedom in their lives, we still struggle with the fundamentals of our essence. We have rebelled against society with hate, wrath, frustration, and seeking vengeance without realizing that our greatest power is indeed unconditional love. The excess use of contraceptives—induced by fear—has led to many health problems such as, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods, among others. Some contraceptives inhibit the menstrual flow making you feel "free" when in reality it is disconnecting you from your feminine essence and rising your risk of STD's. So in this class we will talk about the history of sexuality, the woman's anatomy and physiology, abortion, and natural ways to re-connect with our essence to regain our power as a woman.  

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Daniela was born and raised In Mexico City. She began her studying Herbalism in Berkley, Ca in 2012. Since then her main focus has been the healing arts. Healing for her have become a philosophy of life rooted through alchemy. Her fascination for the human psyche has led her to study many different healing modalities that inspired her to develop a new healing modality called Experiential Healing; a modality that focuses in healing traumatic events in order to re-connect with the true self. Her main intention is to empower the true self of a person, their own vital force is the water that gives life and brings health. Daniela specializes in removing the blockages that limit the vital force to fully bloom into what it can be. For further information visit

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