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An Afternoon of Healing with Wandering Roots

 An Afternoon of Healing


Hosted by Wandering Roots

Join Wandering Roots at Root Mamma on October 20th at 3pm for an afternoon of healing in community!

The afternoon will begin at 3pm with the wonderful Matthew DeSanctis leading "Science of Self Vinyasa": a yoga sequence in the Hatha tradition that is informed by the Meridian System of TCM. At 4pm we will circle up to meet each other, discuss, and participate in a small activity. Finally, at 5pm, Stephanie Lin will lead Shadow Work: Illuminating Your Full Self.

Please wear movement appropriate clothing, bring water, and of course bring friends!

Join with others as we explore different healing paths and feel more connected with ourselves and our community. Wandering Roots events aim to open space for creating bonds of friendship and collaboration through spiritual practices, healing arts, and wellness.

Exchange // $5 - $25 suggested

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No one will be turned away but we do ask that you consider supporting those offering their practices and Root Mamma if you can. First practice will begin exactly at 3. While drop-ins are allowed, it is highly encouraged that you show up early and enjoy the entire experience.

--- Science of Self Vinyasa ---
with Matthew DeSanctis // 3pm
The Science of Self is a Yoga sequence in the Hatha tradition of Dharma Mittra, created by Rose Erin Vaughan and informed by the Meridian System in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It merges techniques of yoga and acupressure to open the internal points and pathways, giving it’s practioners a powerful way to access the emotions held in the body and reach a state of meditative bliss.

--- Community Circle ---
with Wandering Roots // 4pm
A brief community circle during which we'll introduce ourselves to each other and discuss what brought us out this evening.

--- Shadow Work: Illuminating Your Full Self ---
with Stephanie Lin // 5pm
During this session Stephanie will guide us through powerful teachings and exercises to help uncover the unconscious beliefs and programs we carry (from both our ancestry and society) and bring to light our "shadows" - a Jungian term for those parts of self that we reject, hide, suppress, and/or project on others. When we learn to courageously and lovingly integrate darkness into the Light of our own being (true self-acceptance), we dissolve individual and collective patterns of ignorance, hatred, and victimhood, and are able to access our full selves, and therefore full power as human beings. As we enter the season of darkness, it is a perfect time to gather together and do this inner work.


Stephanie Lin (M.A. Buddhism, Columbia University) is an energy healer, teacher, and Certified Life Coach. Her philosophy is that in order to really find - and keep - your happiness, you have to be willing to enter your pain. Using her natural gifts of listening and emotional sensitivity, combined with her many years of experience in coaching and psycho-spiritual work (meditation, Family Constellations, shamanism, Reiki), Stephanie helps her clients unravel unconscious conditioning, heal emotional wounds, and access greater joy, purpose, and freedom in their lives. Website:

Matthew DeSanctis is a yogi, fabricator, and photographer based in Brooklyn. He has practiced yoga since 2010, practicing both Ashtanga and Dharma yoga. In 2014 he met his guru and true teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra. With a love for the powerful and transformative Hatha-Raja practices of Dharma’s lineage, Matthew completed Sri Dharma’s 200hr Life of a Yogi training and spent further countless hours training with Dharma Mittra and Yoshio Hama. Through his studies with Yoshio, Matthew met Rose Erin Vaughan and also came to love and appreciate her innovative practices; an integration of her knowledge of the traditional Chinese medicine meridian system with the yogic practices of Dharma’s lineage, through a practice she calls “The Science of Self”. To further his knowledge Matthew completed the 300hr Science of Self Advanced training with Erin and Yoshio. Matthew’s life has been changed by these very powerful practices and he is excited and grateful to share them. He very much enjoys teaching a fiery asana class rich with yogic knowledge and technique. He has the utmost gratitude for his teachers Sri Dharma Mittra, Yoshio Hama, and Rose Erin Vaughan, and hopes to further disseminate their compassion, knowledge, and wisdom.

Wandering Roots is a partner of Root Mamma and offers workshops and events centered around various realms of healing and empowerment. Events focus on opening space for individuals to deepen their connection to self, while bringing people together and creating community through a blending of educational, energetic, interpersonal, creative, and movement based offerings. They will often involve Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong, Massage, Natural Remedies, Crafting, Song, Musical Instruments, Poetry/ Writing, and partner activities. Woven together through a focus on the elements, each event has a harmonious and mindfully prepared transition from one practitioner to the next.

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