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Womb Psyche: Root Causes of Feminine Dis-ease

 Womb Psyche: Root Causes of Feminine Dis-ease


Hosted by Daniela Reul

As women we feel our hormones take a toll on us every month. At least it’s what we say when we feel everything at once and we have no idea where it comes from. However, it might be our womb talking to us!

Our womb as a reproductive organ is constantly sending signals to our brain for us to feel, do, think, and even relate to specific people, so it can fulfill its purpose: create life. For example, just like our periods get synced among close women, also our closest friends are dealing with similar situations in life and partners; either they are all pregnant, or single, or married but with no children, etc. This isn't a coincidence. 

Our womb makes us connect not only biologically but mentally as well. Our wombs are also a "receptor" organ; not only during sex, but it is a big part of our intuition. Getting to know the rhythms of our cycle is essential to understanding the cycles of our lives since our wombs play a huge role in how we relate to the world, our desires, our intuition, and even in selecting our mating partners—biological speaking.

Any kind of imbalance in this energetic center in the body—second Chakra— will produce diseases such as PCOS, cysts, pms, irregular periods, fibroids, among others. Since wombs are so intertwined with our psyche, every single one of these diseases have a psycho-emotional root, often related to lack of creativity, abuse, guilt, shame, and female rejection.

In this class, we will talk about the essence of the female energy, the possible psycho-emotional root of the most common diseases, and ways to treat them with flower essences and herbs. This a workshop of self-discovery and self-acceptance, it is through community where we often heal our deepest wounds through connecting and empathizing with others. 

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Daniela’s fascination for the human psyche has led her to study many different healing modalities that inspired her to develop a new healing modality called Experiential Healing; a modality that focuses in healing traumatic events in order to re-connect with the true self. She was born and raised In Mexico City and began studying Herbalism in Berkley, Ca in 2012. Since then her main focus has been the healing arts. Healing for her has become a philosophy of life rooted in Alchemy. Her main intention is to empower the true self of a person- their own vital force is the water that gives life and brings health. Daniela specializes in removing the blockages that limit the vital force to fully bloom into what it can be. For further information visit

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