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Community Wellness Clinic (Reiki // Acupuncture // Crystals)

Community Wellness Clinic


with Root Mamma Practitioner Volunteers

Why survive when you can thrive?! It can be challenging to be well in our day-to-day lives in New York, and we all need a little bit of support and TLC from time to time ♥

Introducing: Community Wellness at Root Mamma. On the first Saturday of each month, our incredible community of practitioners will hold space for you to receive healing treatments at affordable rates. This is the perfect opportunity for you to try our a new healing modality, or just treat yourself to an extra bit of love and care at the beginning of your month.

For November, we will have Reiki, Acupuncture, and Crystal Healing treatments available, community-style.

Reiki is a positive universal life force energy which can encourage healing, balance, comfort, and clarity. During this mini session, practitioners will gently place hands on different areas of your body, channeling this energy to initiate deep healing, aid in balancing chakras, and clearing out energetic blockages. You will leave feeling relaxed & refreshed, having brought yourself further along on your own path of self-healing & transformation.

Exchange // 20 mins // $5-$20 sliding scale

>>Acupuncture with Jennifer Watkins, LAc
Acupuncture is a treatment which involves inserting very thin needles at different points in the body, which correspond to acupoints along the meridian energy systems derived from traditional chinese medicine. This painless process can encourage healing and recovery from various physical ailments, as well as profound relief from stress and anxiety. You will work with your acupuncturist to determine your treatment plan, and will relax in comfort while the healing energy circulates through your body's systems.

Exchange // 30 mins // $18-$36 sliding scale

>>Crystal Healings with Gaia Jae

Crystal Healing is a holistic, vibrational, energy-based healing that helps to bring the body and energy field back into balance. Crystals absorb and shift energy as their vibrations help to balance and restore the body and auric field. Incorporating meditative breathwork, sacred scents and sound healing, crystals will be placed on and around you, some in specific grids to help with the vibrational flow. Crystals will be Reiki-infused and Reiki energy will be incorporated into the healing if the client wishes. You’ll leave feeling relaxed with clear energy and balanced chakras. A crystal will be gifted for all clients to take home and continue working with.

Exchange // 20 mins // $20-$35 sliding scale

**We encourage you to book all of your appointments IN ADVANCE using the link on this page, as spots are limited. For later appointments, please click the "more times" button on the bottom right hand side of the ticketing page.**

We look forward to being well in community with you!! ♥

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