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Dreaming & Interpretation

Dreaming & Interpretation



Hosted by Felicia Sokol

Join us for a workshop on dreaming and dream interpretation. In this workshop, you'll be guided through your own personal subconscious language and how to work with it. We'll discuss the different qualities and landscapes of dreams and how to recognize a call to go deeper. Tips and tools on how to remember your dreams, including different astrological events that can facilitate better dreamtime memory. Dreams are symbols and codes from the deepest part of yourself as a gift to your ordinary conscious mind. They are an offering to understand the self on a deeper level. Bring a dream, either written down or from memory that you'd like to be interpreted.

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Felicia Sokol is an artist,  astrology guide, and shamanic explorer from NYC. Because of this work, she's an expert in working with archetypes and symbols. Dream work has helped her as an artist, astrologer, and intuitive and she loves nothing more than to share her knowledge and perspectives with people.

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Earlier Event: June 17
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