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Astrology I: The Signs, The Planets, The Houses

Astrology I: The Signs, The Planets, The Houses




Hosted by Felicia Sokol

In this workshop you'll be given the tools to read and understand the natal chart on soul-level. You'll learn how to use astrology as an intuitive map to understanding patterns and beliefs.

This workshop is perfect for beginners, anyone interested in learning more aboutastrology and how to apply this information in practical and personal ways. It's also great for more seasoned astrologers who want to deepen their understanding.

Please bring a picture of your birth chart if you can (either on your phone or printed out). Bring a journal and something to write with. You can access your birth chart easily on many websites (make sure you use the placidus system) . Felicia recommends:

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Felicia is an artist and astrology guide from NYC. She's been using astrology for over 10 years and offers readings over skype or in person. Her approach is unique, intuitive, and highly personal. She not only guides her clients toward a deeper understanding of themselves, she teaches them how to teach themselves. Giving them tools so that they can better work with the energies at hand. It's all about empowerment.

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instagram: @thelunarrising