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Reiki and the Subconscious Mind: Healing our Belief Systems

 Reiki and the Subconscious Mind: Healing our Belief Systems

Hosted by Trianna N. Lewis


This workshop will focus on utilizing reiki to help you with healing your subconscious mind. I will teach you a wonderful technique that utilizes Reiki and visualization. This technique is quite powerful and, used often, will truly help you in your process of healing and re-programming your subconscious mind so that you can powerfully co-create the life you are truly born to live.  As a bonus, I will teach you a "Reiki Calming" technique that is very useful when trying to calm your fear based/anxiety provoking thoughts.


This workshop is open to certified Reiki practitioners, Level 2 and above.


Exchange // $20

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About Trianna: My name is Trianna N. Lewis, I am a Reiki Level 3 practitioner, an Intuitive, and a Light Worker. As I have been on my own self-healing journey for over 5 years now, I have learned a great deal and am so eager to share my knowledge to assist others in their own healing. I truly believe I am here to help individuals heal themselves, free themselves, and ultimately BE their true selves so that we can all assist in making our world a better place, and live the best lives that we can imagine.