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Free Your Body: Yin Yoga with Rolfing Bodywork w/ Chelsey Kap

Free Your Body: Yin Yoga with Rolfing Bodywork 

Hosted by Chelsey Kap

Yin Yoga uses deep, long-held stretches to release myofascial restrictions, decompresses the joints and calms the nervous system. It balances energetic pathways called meridians to allow for healing the whole person. We will learn about the correspondence between meridians and emotions, as well as common physical restrictions such as tight hips, low back pain, and upper body tension. 

Rolfing is a form of bodywork involving myofasical manipulation to align the body optimally in gravity. It makes an excellent complement to Yin Yoga. In this semi-private workshop you will have the opportunity to experience this work through short individualized treatments while you hold the poses. Think of it like a really effective adjustment from the teacher. The Rolfing work will aid you in the poses, remap “dark” areas of the body, and release unnecessary tension. 

Part 1- July 18th // the lower body and meridians, low back & hips

Part 2- August 1st // the upper body and meridians, shoulders, skull and neck

Exchange // $35 for one class or $60 for both

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Chelsey Kapuscinski is a Certified Rolfer™️ and Experienced Yoga Teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Her motto is: “If you are breathing, you are healing.” Chelsey lives and works by the principle that if the body can be balanced, trusted, strong and healthy, then the quality of life can dramatically improve. She is thrilled to share her message with anyone it can serve to benefit. In her private practice Chelsey abides by honest communication, deep listening and intelligent touch.

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