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The Antidote Series

  • Firebird Healing Arts Alliance 236 Richardson St Brooklyn NY 11206 USA (map)

Hosted by Birdie Lawson A.K.A. Mystic Tiger-Swan

The age of soul evolution is upon us. Our experience of it depends on our ability to form a relationship with our own bodies, minds, and spirits, as well as remain not only connected to but aware of external allies, including: animal and elemental medicine, shamanic practice, zen discipline, goddess philosophy and New Age vision. Pulling from a variety of modalities, texts, concepts, exercises, creative techniques and 20 years of experience as a spiritual practitioner, this bi-weekly class will bring the seekers to a heightened awareness of a path towards integrated health and wellbeing. Each week the focus varies in technique and theme, but follows the same format of learning the miraculous approach to Self Healing that is the underlying tenet of holistic method. By acknowledging the notion that we either hold the key to our own wellness or that obtaining it can be realized through entirely natural/ordinary-extraordinary means, in our own environment, we place the power to change and grow back into our own hands, where it has always been, awaiting our re-discovery.

Exchange: $20 cash only. Participants who attend two classes in a month will receive a $10 discount on the total.

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Birdie is a spiritual health practitioner who has been involved in doing group and individual energy work for the last 20 years in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens communities.

As a priestess, she works with each individual to reveal their own infinite and divine nature. As a shamanic therapist, she is able to exercise and exorcise the vibrations necessary for a sustained holistic relationship with self and the greater communities. As a visionary/ spiritual midwife, she assists in providing the understanding and support needed to re-birth the self, including recommendations for what actions best facilitate personal evolution. As an Oracle, she gives the gift the awareness that is vital to recognizing what divine opportunity exists within the folds of the lessons of existence.

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