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Buddhism and Meditation: A Course for the Curious // Part 3: Compassion + Heart

Buddhism and Meditation: A Course for the Curious // Part 3: Compassion + Heart


with Stephanie Lin

This 3-part “course for the curious” explores core Buddhist principles of karma, enlightenment, and compassion, as well as the practice of meditation, in a way that is non-dogmatic, experiential, and practical.

Part 1: KARMA + BODY // March 21st
Part 2: ENLIGHTENMENT + MIND // March 28th
Part 3: COMPASSION + HEART // April 4th

Stephanie’s teaching approach is grounded in deep respect for the Buddhist tradition, as well as fiery recognition that humanity is in an unprecedented time of Ascension. Spiritual evolution calls for freedom of thought and developing trust in one’s own inner Source over that of outside sources, and this course is designed to support those devoted to such a path.

In this course you will:

-Explore core Buddhist principles (karma, enlightenment, compassion) and how to apply them to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth
-Learn how to meditate – or refine your current practice – with an experienced guide, blending traditional Buddhist methods with your own intuitive, experiential approach
-Gain a deeper understanding of suffering and the path to liberation via the rich Buddhist tradition + your own inner wisdom which will be activated in our sacred space
-Be supported and encouraged to create a daily meditation practice to bring more energy, calm, and focus into your life
-Energetically align your physical body, mind, and heart through spiritual practice and teachings
-Clear common misconceptions about meditation and overcome roadblocks in your practice
-Learn, inquire, and play in a peaceful oasis with a grounded and open-minded community

This eclectic six hour course, hosted at Firebird Healing Arts Alliance in Brooklyn, NY, is rooted in both tradition and mystery, scholarship and gnosis, and is offered for all those seeking to heal, grow, and expand into their true power and purpose on this Earth. Artists, healers, and rebels most welcomed. And yes, you will learn how to levitate… I mean, meditate!

Exchange: $25 per class // $60 for all 3
*pre-registration required*


Stephanie Ying Lin (M.A., M.Phil. Buddhism, Columbia University) has been meditating and practicing yoga for over fifteen years. As a Fulbright Scholar, she spent two years in Taiwan researching Chinese Buddhist deathbed practices and tales of miracles and faith. Stephanie left her Ph.D. studies to follow a deep calling to work more intimately with people, supporting them to heal trauma, cultivate their minds, and open their hearts. She spent three years in the powerful vortex that is Israel, deepening, learning, and teaching before returning to her hometown of New York in late 2017. In addition to professional certification in Life Coaching and Reiki, Stephanie has also completed training in Family Constellations with Svagito Liebermeister and since 2013 has engaged in continuous medicine work with the sacred plant ayahuasca. Website: