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Community Craft Circle

Community Craft Circle

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Hosted by Jessie Kritt

Circle up, share stories and explore your creative processes in a safe space - then stick around to see what strange and beautiful creations unfold! 

Bring your own craft project and find new inspiration in the warmth of your local, creative community. All skill levels and art forms are welcomed and celebrated: knit, crochet, collage, sketch, sewing, or whatever form of (semi-portable, tidy-ish, non-toxic) tactile alchemy you are currently exploring.

Exchange// $5-15 sliding scale 


About Jessie:
I love crafting and creating communities! I love the crafting community because of the focus on sharing and learning as well as making. Right now I'm mostly into weaving, but I also do crochet, embroidery, natural dyeing/ shibori, and macrame. You can find my latest projects @the.weekend.weaver.