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Movement, Meditation & Crystals

Movement, Meditation & Crystals


hosted by Tonya Sisco

In this workshop, we will explore movement and meditation along with the magic of crystals. We will open with a meditation to de-clutter the mind and ground us in the present moment. We will also cleanse and charge the crystals to harmonize with our highest intentions and desires.

Then, we move. Through simple yoga-inspired movement and using the crystals, we will stoke, shift, release, and conjure up the energy needed to get closer to our aspirations. We will finish with a few restorative yoga poses using crystals, as well as, a closing meditation.

Whether it’s seeking to bring greater abundance into your life, release negative thinking, or to find a greater connection to your creativity, the hope is for you to walk away with the tools necessary to live in an empowered state. Participants can bring up to 8 crystals to work with or can choose from a selection that Tonya provides.

This workshop is great for those who are familiar with crystals yet are seeking a new way to incorporate them into a regular movement and/or meditation practice. However, curious-minded folks are encouraged to attend!

Exchange // $27

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