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An Evening of Healing with Wandering Roots

 An Evening of Healing


Hosted by Wandering Roots

Join Wandering Roots at Firebird Healing Arts on February 10th for an evening of connecting and creating. We will be joined by priestess Birdie Lawson as well as artist and healer Nora Anne Fantry.

Birdie will begin the event by guiding us to connect with the primal energy and ancient wisdom of human and animal ancestors through tending to our Root Chakras. Kristen and Zack, of Wandering Roots, will then lead everyone in a circle of community and some light movement. To close, Nora will lead us in some art therapy to help us balance the shadow and the light.

Join with others as we explore different healing paths and feel more connected with ourselves and our community. Wandering Roots events aim to open space for creating bonds of friendship and collaboration through spiritual practices, healing arts, and wellness.

Exchange // $5 - $25 suggested

No one will be turned away but we do ask that you consider supporting those offering their practices and Firebird if you can. The first practice will begin exactly at 4. While drop-ins are allowed, it is highly encouraged that you show up early and enjoy the entire experience.


// Sessions //

>>"Connecting to primal energy and ancient wisdom of human and animal ancestors through tending to the Root Chakra"
led by Birdie Lawson

All are welcome to join this Guided intro to the Root chakra. In this segment I’ll focus primarily on bringing attention to the feet and legs, as it connects us back to earth, family, animals, and ancestors. As we exercise and nurture the Root, we will start to gain access to what systems of support we depend on to thrive. We will begin to learn to prioritize our individual needs as well as re-identify with the larger earth kingdom From which we all derive and from which we may learn to gather the strength and wisdom required to navigate our steps with joy and efficiency.

>>Community Circle and Light Movement
led by Kristen and Zack of Wandering Roots

>>Balancing the Shadow and the Light
led by Nora Fantry

Attendees of all artistic levels are invited to this led visual exercise, designed to help you embrace that which does not serve you- a concept which is rarely indulged in. Here you will be encouraged to bring your baggage, your rage, your gluttony, your fears etc. Together we will be expressive and HONEST with ourselves- digging deeper than ever before to get to the light on the other side of the tunnel of our least desirable patterns. With the intention of transmutation in our hearts- we will honor all aspects of ourselves. Please wear comfortable clothing that will be conducive to getting messy. Artistic supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your own materials if you prefer.

// Practitioners //

About Birdie: Birdie is a Native American priestess who holds a sacred space for all beings to recall and realize their potential to live a profoundly spiritual, radically healthy, wildly unique experience in sync with the living love of the universe. She treats each student and seeker as an active alchemist, with the ability to create abundance and change through elevating and clarifying consciousness. Birdie works directly with the Earth's elements as well as the star system to provide divine wisdom, dispense energetic medicine, and nurture the vision of growth, balance, and bliss for each individual one on one as well as in a group setting.

About Nora: Nora Fantry is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Painter, and Tarot Reader. A student of Fine arts, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Reiki, Tarot, Mindfulness/Metta Meditation, and Massage, Nora bridges the realms between the physical, the psychic and the metaphysical. Nora’s personal trick to healing is having multiple avenues of expression to help her process, release the old and manifest new patterns. She hopes that by sharing some of her acquired skills, she may help others to find new understandings of the Self. It is her belief that to create art can heal in a multitude of ways; it can be empowering, inspiring, calming, releasing, cleansing, centering, it can help with manifestation- not to mention- making art can help show you your WORTH. She has worked part-time as an art therapist for children with Autism since 2015 and is now bringing her art classes to groups of people who are ready to make art for personal growth and transformation. To get directly in contact with Nora, visit or email her at

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