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Expand + Align: A Root and Sacral Chakra Journey

Expand + Align: A Root and Sacral Chakra Journey


Join Cara Kovacs and Kristen Volpone for this workshop where we will tap into the present state of the Root & Sacral chakra centers.

The Root chakra is our foundation and our connection to stability and personal truth. This is the center from where we must listen deeply to understand our own intention. The Sacral chakra is our manifesting center and is what empowers us to bring creativity, vision, and passion forth. These two chakra centers are the base for how our we walk into the world, and what we put forth into the world. In this workshop we will bring awareness to acknowledge the current states of our Root and Sacral centers to naturally Align + Expand life force energy. We will witness what doesn’t serve us to transmute and empower embodiment.

Cara will guide us through reflective meditations and exercises to align us to our well of potential: Our love, sexuality, pleasure, desire, and worth! Kristen will then guide us through a Sound + Yin Yoga (simple earth based) postures to feel into the emotional, energetic, and physical currents of these chakras.

By feeling into our sensations we will clearly hear what the body and heart are whispering. You will leave revived, embodied, balanced, and connected.

Exchange: $35 in advance // $40 at the door

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Cara Kovacs is a third generation healer, second generation oracle, and Sex, Love & Relationship expert trained by Layla Martin. Her unique intuitive style and championing of divine feminine sexuality have distinguished her coaching, speaking, and fortune telling abilities as completely their own. The Erotic Esoteric brings oracle cards, crystals, palo santo, sage wisdom, and mixes it with relatable real talk and humor to open your mind and awaken your divine potential.

Kristen Volpone is Yoga + Meditation teacher & speaker of Heart wisdom. She is a assistant teacher to Biff Mithoefer, author of the “Yin Yoga Kit” at Jamtse Yin Yoga Teacher Training's. Kristen is also an Energy worker that uses Reiki + Sound as mediums to authentically dive into tangible and intangible energetics of Being w/ ease, kindness, and grace. She is a trauma informed guide that works with all bodies and ages. Kristen specializes in working with and those who are living with PTSD, Cancer, Loss, Grief, and heaviness. She aspires to bring harmony and calm to whoever she encounters. Drawing inspiration and appreciation from Natures expression of life, Kristen finds joy in all our manifestations and abilities as human. She aims to live in celebration of all the magical things in each and every moment.