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Mystical Explorers Integration Circle

Mystical Explorers Integration Circle


hosted by T.C. Jester

Are you accessing a higher state of awareness working with sacred plants, kundalini yoga, breathwork or other deep meditation tools? Have you had spontaneous  experiences that make you question reality? Would you like to connect with others who can relate to your consciousness journey? Ready to expand your integration practice to access deeper benefits?

Welcome to the Mystical Explorers Integration Circle! We’ve manifested this group to apply the lessons of profound spiritual experiences, feel grounded in this reality, adjust to our upgraded selves and remain balanced while playing with reality. This is an inclusive group for seekers at all levels to share, process, access collective wisdom, witness and support each other. 

Facilitated by T.C. Jester, we use a collaborative approach to accelerate our quest for optimal wellness and deeper meaning. By connecting our individual downloads, synchronicities, messages and insights, we can tap into collective wisdom to upgrade. We practice a light-hearted approach to explore the upper levels of the Game with delight.

Exchange // $15-$20 suggested

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T.C. Jester is a shamanic practitioner, sacred plant healing facilitator, humorist, and reality hacker. She is the creator of the EMAG OF EFIL project to empower people to hack the Game of Life and author of the books Emag of Efil and Way of the Foole. Her training includes Applied Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Laughter Wellness, Breakthrough Coaching, Shamanic Reiki, Sacred Plant Healing, Psychedelic Integration, Meditation, and Comedy. T.C. works with private clients and leads group workshops to facilitate Life-changing experiences with her unique style of mystical humor for positive empowerment.

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