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Honoring the Green Goddess: Rediscovering Cannabis as a Master Teacher Plant

Honoring the Green Goddess: Rediscovering Cannabis as a Master Teacher Plant


hosted by T.C. Jester

You may know her by other names. You may have tried her and found her energy too strong. Or you may use her frequently to escape, relax or medicate. Whatever your relationship to cannabis, you’re ready to learn the deeper truth about this powerful ancient plant. Though many people are making the trek to the jungle to work with healing plants, there’s a master teacher already among us. Come learn about how to work with cannabis to achieve profound healing and higher consciousness.

We’ll explore how working intentionally with this sacred plant can empower you to self-heal and access your inner wisdom. Find out how cannabis can help you overcome BS by becoming aware of ego-driven fear and cravings. We’ll also discuss ways to have a healthier relationship with cannabis through mindfulness and microdosing.

Led by T.C. Jester, this workshop will offer guidance on how to take your power back and access your full potential. We’ll cover the traditional connection between cannabis and the earth Goddess in multiple cultures. The session will include guided meditation, energy balancing and empowerment. We’ll discuss how to work with this divine feminine trickster spirit and learn how to navigate with her as an ally for a positive, purposeful Life. It’s time to take your relationship with cannabis to the next level. She’s been waiting for us to be ready for her teachings.

***Please note that this workshop is meant to be purely informative and does not promote, include, or offer consumption of cannabis in any form***

Exchange : $20 in advance // $25 at the door


T.C. Jester is a shamanic practitioner, sacred plant healing facilitator, humorist, and reality hacker. She is the creator of the EMAG OF EFIL project to empower people to hack the Game of Life and author of the books Emag of Efil and Way of the Foole. Her training includes Applied Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Laughter Wellness, Breakthrough Coaching, Shamanic Reiki, Sacred Plant Healing, Psychedelic Integration, Meditation, and Comedy. T.C. works with private clients and leads group workshops to facilitate Life-changing experiences with her unique style of mystical humor for positive empowerment.