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Healing Yourself Home

Healing Yourself Home

Healing Yourself Home.jpg

hosted by Christine Kenline

Through meditation, art, writing, and sharing, you will uncover and reconnect with the stories you carry about your family and leave with a set of family archetype cards as a loving reminder that each family member is a part of what makes you, YOU.

Our soul chooses our family depending on what our life purpose is, the lessons we want to learn, and the lifestyle we want to have in this lifetime. We choose our family to evolve ourselves through this human experience. Sometimes we may question this choice, especially during challenging times, which is why I believe it's important for us to reconnect with this inner knowing and reawaken our soul to the unique gifts each person in our family have gifted to us.

In this 2-hour workshop, I will hold space for you as you rediscover each unique gift your grandparents, parents, and siblings have to share with you.

Exchange // $20
*Registration Deadline: 5/23*


As a yoga therapist, healer, and interior designer, I hold space as a guide for beings who feel like an outsider to reawaken to their true self and find belonging with their soul family.

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