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Women’s Holistic Immersion 3: Vaginal Health + Constellations

Women’s Holistic Immersion III: Vaginal Health + Constellations


Women’s Holistic Immersion III : Vaginal Health & Healing the Mother - Daughter Relationship w/ Family Constellations

organized by Wandering Roots Healing Events

facilitated by Kristen Volpone, Stephanie Lin, and Yuen Chan

Join us for this special monthly edition of the Women’s holistic Immersion where we will learn about Vaginal Care & Family Constellations!

The Women's Holistic Immersion series are 3-hr events hosted by Wandering Roots Healing Events

All events are led by identifying women/ fem's. Beings who identify as woman, fem, or with the female body are welcome.

The intention is to co-create a safe space for education + connection with ourselves in a community of other women. These events focus on anatomy and function of the female body, as well as natural healthy solutions to address challenges that can arise. By bringing our awareness on our bodies and being we encourage ourselves to take positive action in Well-Living. Knowing your body and how it works is essential to embracing your power and truth! This event will holistically address all parts of you including: physical health, mental health, emotional health, energetic health, and spiritual health. There will also be open time for safe discussion and expression on being a woman in this world.

This event is the third of the series and will feature 3 segments.

In the first, Yuen Chan, DNP, CNM, OB/GYN, NP midwife and Ob/Gyn will address how Vaginal Health is an important part of a woman’s overall health. We can get a lot of information by just observing our own vaginal discharge. Vaginal Problems can cause many pain, fertility issue, desire for sex and ability to reach climax during sex. Come learn about what is considered normal or not normal from a medical health perspective.


Following her, Kristen Volpone of Wandering Roots will invite an open communitea circle, with greetings, movement, sound, & a creative exercise!


In our last segment, Stephanie Lin will guide us through “Healing the mother daughter relationship with family constellations” As women, we unconsciously carry wounds, traumas, and limiting beliefs from our female lineage, particularly from our mother. During this segment, Stephanie will introduce Family Constellations and share teachings to help us move towards acknowledging and honoring our ancestral roots and healing the important bond with M/mother. Note: Such healing does not necessarily require physical contact or communication with family members, but rather occurs on the energetic plane, from within ourselves, where all originates.

Exchange // $20-$35 sliding scale


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