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Humor Healing: Positive Strategies for Self-Transformation

Humor Healing: Positive Strategies for Self-Transformation


hosted by T.C. Jester

Come learn about the profound ability of humor to activate our self-healing. As the ultimate holistic health tool, laughter truly is the best medicine. And there are studies to prove it. Find out how reactivating your sense of humor can help you rebalance your mind-body-spirit by shifting your perspective. Enlightenment is a laughing matter. And so is the path to it. Learn how to incorporate humor into your self-care and leverage it when working with clients.

Join T.C. Jester as she shares insights from her Humorist practice which combines modern Positive Psychology and Game Theory with ancient Shamanism and Mystical Philosophy. Find out how to navigate through Life’s absurdities with a light-hearted approach that empowers us to be resilient and balanced. Learn the secrets to upgrading our character by focusing on our strengths and shifting reality through directed emotional energy.

Exchange: $20 in advance // $25 at the door


T.C. Jester is a shamanic practitioner, sacred plant healing facilitator, humorist, and reality hacker. She is the creator of the EMAG OF EFIL project to empower people to hack the Game of Life and author of the books Emag of Efil and Way of the Foole. Her training includes Applied Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Laughter Wellness, Breakthrough Coaching, Shamanic Reiki, Sacred Plant Healing, Psychedelic Integration, Meditation, and Comedy. T.C. works with private clients and leads group workshops to facilitate Life-changing experiences with her unique style of mystical humor for positive empowerment.