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Awakening Your Inner Hero: A Two Part Tarot Workshop // Part 1: Major Arcana

Awakening Your Inner Hero: A Two Part Tarot Workshop

Part 1: Major Arcana


with Elisia Guerena


Taking place under the sign of Aries, this two-part workshop explores the connection between the fundamental themes of this Zodiac sign: that of the child and the hero. We will use the Tarot to reveal how tapping into your authentic inner child gives birth to your bravest, most inspired self.

The first workshop will focus on the 22 archetypes found in the Major Arcana. By learning about the gifts and challenges of each, we’ll begin to recognize how its lessons pertain to our personal journeys. Students will practice reading for themselves and others.

The second workshop will explore the Minor Arcana. These 56 cards hold the necessary details for filling out the larger themes and meanings of the Tarot. Students will take notes, practice readings, and have the chance to ask questions.

Please note that learning how to wield the Tarot is a continually evolving practice. Accurate readings are born from a strong connection to your intuition, and not rote memorization. Those who come willing to perceive new truths through attentive listening and an open heart will reap the most benefits from this workshop, as well as those who attend both classes. However, a modular structure allows you to choose as you wish. All students are required to bring their own Rider-Waite deck, a writing utensil, and notebook.


Single Class: $40 in advance, $45 at the door

Full Series: $60 in advance, $70 at the door

Space is extremely limited-- pre-registration is recommended!


Elisia Guerena is an Aries Sun writer and tarot reader. The etymology of her name translates to Joyful Warrior of the Path Between Rocks. Her spiritual mission as an energy worker is to reunite clients to their sacred Earth path. She guides them by accessing the wisdom and love the Divine holds for all its children.