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Integration & Grounding Support Circle

Integration & Grounding Support Circle


hosted by T.C. Jester

Have you had a consciousness expanding experience that you’re trying to decipher? Did you journey to extraordinary realms and need help to feel connected to this one? Are you ready to step into your power and purpose? 

Whether you’ve worked kundalini yoga, breathwork, sacred plants, or another form of deep meditation, enhanced awareness can provide profound insights. The challenge is to apply the information downloads to our everyday existence. This group offers a positive way to understand transpersonal experiences that connect us with our true self and practical tips to apply the lessons. We’ll explore how to be in this reality with gratitude and feel firmly rooted to the earth. How to process personalized instruction to make lasting change. And how humor can be our best strategy to navigate new worlds…and make sense of this one. 

We are in an exciting time of increased awareness and spiritual awakening. The path is rewarding but can also be challenging without support from those who know how to play in surreal spaces. Come learn how metaphysical experiences can help us collectively move to the next level. We’ll gather as a group to share and support each other in our collaborative quest for healing, balance and deeper meaning. We’ll hold space as we harness our higher wisdom to manifest more peace, love, joy and freedom. 

Exchange // $15-$20 suggested

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