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Loving Your Shadow: Lower Self & Beast

Loving Your Shadow: Lower Self & Beast

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Hosted by Seulki Koo

You have probably heard of your Higher Self. But have you heard of your Lower Self? Your other angel. Your lovely angel daemon, actually. She loves and cares for you as much as your Higher Self, and yet most of us distrust her or even want her to go away.

If you haven’t been paying attention to her, she can seem quite scary. And we might even blame her for some of the trouble in our lives.

Repairing our relationships with our Lower Selves is the key to our healing journeys. And in fact, stepping into our power as amazing witches and sorceresses.

Both our Lower Selves and Inner Beasts are usually kept in our Shadows - our unconscious mind. Therefore we cannot access their wisdom and gifts. In this channeled talk by shadow teacher and psychic medium Seulki Koo, we will learn to step into our shadows and meet our Lower Selves and Beasts.

For a beautiful night of enlightenment and healing, come sit with Seulki. Her channeled words shift you into a new vibration where you can integrate yourself and feel at peace.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and light 1:1 work.

Exchange // $30


Seulki Koo is an international shadow teacher and psychic medium. She sees the unconscious patterns that hold you back, and the incredible light and supernatural gifts you hold inside. Her work is deep and direct, and has been called “next level sh-t.” Never endure anything, ever.

***Seulki will be offering 1:1 sessions at Root Mamma leading up to and the weekend after this event! If you sign up for a private session with Seulki prior to the event, you can save 50% off of the price of this talk!

"1:1 sessions with Seulki are a deep shadow mirroring and energy healing. If you are in transition, or want to make a change but don't know how, it is a good time to schedule a 1:1 with Seulki. She can help you see the habitual patterns that hold you back - the ones you're UNaware of. And help you raise your vibration to the point where the impossible now seems possible.

What you didn't even dream of is actually now fact.

She's been called an oracle. 

An arrow to the brain. Truth with a captial "T." She holds a mirror to your unconscious so that you can integrate yourself and become more whole. Sessions can touch on family or personal trauma, past lives, unknown information in your ancestry, frustrational energies or entities, and the decision you made when you were young to hide your light. She sees and reflects your soul and your soul's mission.

Most people feel lighter, clearer, and empowered after a session. If you are on a journey to get in touch with your intuition or inner power, if you want your life to be more magical. If you want to see and exercise more choice - working with Seulki can help your mind and body be in alignment with your spiritual mission. You've got this."

To book a 1:1 with Seulki, please use the link below: