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New Moon Circle for Women, Queer, and Femme Folks // Taurus

New Moon Circle for Women, Queer, and Femme Folks

in Taurus


Hosted by Sarah Rayne + Dani Katz

We hope you'll be able to join us for our monthly New Moon Circle!

This gathering aims to honor the Yin aspects within all of us. 

This event is a safe and supportive space for women, queer, trans, non-binary, and/or femme-forward folks.

The New Moon is a time to gather in community and honor the empty, dark space before we begin the next lunar cycle. It is a time to fill up this blank space with our positive intentions and manifestations for the future. It is a time to plant seeds, and call upon the moon magic to help us to cultivate them. It is a time to honor the yin within, to rest and reset, to gain clarity so that we may see into the dark.

With this New Moon in Taurus, we will acknowledge and celebrate the fruits of our labor. We will honor work and play, practicality and pleasure, and deep enjoyment of our senses and all of the beauty present in our lives.

We will explore this theme through ceremony, community discussion, meditation, sound, and creative exercises. Join us!

Exchange // $20 suggested

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