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Self-Defense for Women w/ Cynthia

Self-Defense for Women


Hosted by Cynthia Roszkowski

Join martial artist Cynthia for this powerful introduction to self-defense for women!

There are key moments in our lives when physically fighting back is our best option. Learn how to use your body, leverage, speed, and mind (fight IQ!) to outwit your attacker.

We will focus on Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) techniques drawing heavily from the clinch game, strikes, and utilizing your voice.

In this class you can expect thorough and practical demonstrations to empower you with the basic knowledge of how to physically defend yourself, if needed.

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About Cynthia

Cynthia Roszkowski is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, martial artist, and philosopher. She lives by the adage: movement heals. Learning how to fight has been the most empowering force of her life and she is excited to pay it forward.

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