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Walk In Tarot Card Readings w/ Sarah Rayne

Walk-In Tarot Card Readings


with Sarah Rayne

Do you have a question or conundrum that you'd like some guidance on? In this 1-question reading, we can welcome in the wisdom of the universe via the Tarot. Working with this divine tool, we can shed light on your situation, receive any insights the universe has to offer, as well as recommendations for the best steps forward.

Walk-ins welcome, or you can book your appointment ahead of time using the ticket link on this page.

Exchange // $10-$20 sliding scale



About Sarah…

Sarah Rayne is a Reiki Master, a facilitator of joy, and a healing artist. She also lovingly runs Firebird Healing Arts Alliance. Her mission is to help lead others towards re-discovering the joy of natural creative and community practices, to empower them to walk their own path of self-healing. As a queer woman, she is dedicated to honoring and uplifting those communities and identities, while being an ally for people of color, and folks of all identities and beliefs who are in need of support. Her passions include music, art, and nature. She is here to shine her light, in hopes that it will inspire you to shine yours, too!

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