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Yin + Sound: Gong & Himalayan Bowls w/ Kristen and Michael Jay

Yin + Sound: Gong & Himalayan Bowls w/ Kristen and Michael Jay


led by Kristen Volpone & Michael Jay

Join us for this special edition of Yin + Sound!

We exist in multitudes of frequency waves infused with sound, light, and energy. Every cell within us is dancing and pulsing from moment-to-moment. Sound vibration from sacred instruments invite us to journey with these frequencies through a relaxing and deeply reflective trance.

The quiet practice of Yin Yoga is a body meditation that can take us into the depths of our emotional and subtle energetic bodies.

In this workshop we will explore these layers of our being in simple postures as waves of sound emerges and dissipates. We will have the support of blankets, blocks, bolsters, and poetry to allow us to find softness and ease in this experience.

**Himalayan Bowl to Body placement will be offered for physical connection that nurtures calm.

Exchange: $40 in advance // $50 at the door


Michael Jay is one of the first US students of Grand GongMaster Don Conreaux. He is a primary member of Don’s Mysterious Tremendom performance group, and continues to study and assist him with Gong Trainings in the US. He is a facilitator at the Soundbody school in NYC and Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock. He is also co-director of therapeutic sound at You Can Thrive, which provides free vibrational services for women with cancer and is the catalyst for the multifaceted sound-based healing collective SVAHA (Sound Vision Alchemy for Harmonic Attunement)

Kristen Volpone is Yoga + Meditation teacher & speaker of Heart wisdom. She is a assistant teacher to Biff Mithoefer, author of the “Yin Yoga Kit” at Jamtse Yin Yoga Teacher Training's. Kristen is also an Energy worker that uses Reiki + Sound as mediums to authentically dive into tangible and intangible energetic's of Being w/ ease, kindness, and grace. She is a trauma informed guide that works with all bodies and ages. Kristen specializes in working with and those who are living with PTSD, Cancer, Loss, Grief, and heaviness. She aspires to bring harmony and calm to whoever she encounters. As a empowered believer in the potential and resilience of being human, she seeks to serve as a reminder of the fruits we embody to access peace, well-being, and healing.