Holistic Talk Therapy



What is Holistic Talk therapy?

Holistic psychotherapy differs from traditional psychodynamic therapy in that it addresses the individual as a whole person rather than as being separated into components. The theory behind holistic psychotherapy is that a person's consciousness is not one part of the person but is instead an integration of the mind, body, and spirit. I believe that people are not their psychological issues or their problems, instead, human beings are multi-faceted, spiritual beings that have forgotten their inner light! I also believe that our perceived weaknesses and problems can be our greatest strengths and gifts.



Masha Makarian, our in house therapist, offers 60 minute sessions in Holistic Talk Therapy.

Find out more about Masha here!

Appointments are available Monday-Thursday, from 10am-2pm.

The exchange for these sessions is an $80-$120/ hr sliding scale, based on what you feel you can afford.

You can select the appropriate price for you when booking below.

Masha is also available for complimentary 20 minute phone consultations.

For more information about this, or if you have any further questions, please reach out to rootmammabk@gmail.com