Kristen Volpone


Kristen Volpone

Kristen is a Yoga + Meditation teacher & speaker of Heart wisdom. She is a senior teaching assistant to Biff Mithoefer, author of The Yin Yoga Kit at Jamtse Yin Yoga Teacher Training's. She teaches various styles of Yoga with a kind-ful and explorative approach, often sequencing poetry to postures. She specializes in Yin Yoga and is passionate about making the practice available in uncommon spaces. Kristen is also an Energy worker that uses Reiki + Sound as mediums to authentically dive into tangible and intangible energies of Being with ease. She is a trauma informed guide that works with all bodies and ages. Kristen specializes in working with and those who are living with PTSD, Loss, Grief, Anxiety, heaviness, or as a Survivor of Cancer. She aspires to bring harmony, comfort, and calm to whoever she encounters. As an empowered believer in the potential and resilience of being human, she seeks to serve as a reminder of the gifts we embody to access peace, well-being, and healing. Kristen is grateful to continue to serve Fire Bird Healing Arts and Wandering Roots Wellness Events to provide accessible and nurturing spaces where people can explore themselves, feel safe, welcome, and seen. She is grateful for all her teachers known and unknown that have added wisdom and flavor to her path!

Kristen also enjoys live music, home cooked meals, laughter, camping, collaborating, DIY, crafting, travel, hugs, poetry, metaphors, parallel synchronized randomness, and turning conversations into songs.

Experience & Studies

Kristen has completed training and studies of Yoga, Movement, and Anatomy with: Biff Mithoefer, Paul Grilley, Keith Partington, Sonic Yoga, Angela Farmer, Hathavidya, Connected Warriors, Tom Meyers, and Eden Fromberg.

Kristen has studied Sound, Integrative Music, Nada Yoga, and Bhakti with: Prema Mayi, The Bhakti Center, Bhakti Data Lassi, and the New York Open Centers SMI Program with Silvia Nakkach, Thomas Amelio, Nacho Arimany, Petr Janata, Ysaye Barnwell, John Beaulieu, Glen Velez & Loire Cotier, Sara Auster, Alan Turry, and Pat Moffit.

Kristen has studied Reiki with Yolanda Yutriggui and Glowing Heart Reiki School. She is a level-3 Reiki practitioner. She has been receiving Reiki from her Reiki Master Aunt since she was 6 years old (after her mother passed). Kristen’s Reiki is influenced from loving presence that exceeds time & space and life & death.

Kristen has B.A. in Literature as well as trade school certification in Jewelry Design. She has been a writer since she could write, and a jewelry maker for 25 years!

Contact Information

Email for rates, times, more info, or with questions. You can combine the offerings listed here if you see two you'd like to try out in a session.

Kristen is also a wellness event coordinator and available for booking through: //

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