Kristen Volpone


Kristen Volpone

Kristen is an explorer and activist of Heart Consciousness. From a young age she began exploring methods of expression that would liberate her Heart's voice. Much of her wisdom on heart consciousness is from life experience. She was immediately faced with life and death at 6 years old when her mother passed away from breast cancer. At the same time, her loving father suffered from PTSD. Many of her family members and close friends struggled from illnesses. This drew her to question and introspection throughout her life. After many winding roads Kristen began her path of yoga when she was studying at university. She had come to yoga in hopes of coping with physical, mental, and emotional pain. Her University offered Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa classes. She curiously stepped into every class she could. Immediately she opened her heart to the practice as a lens to see herself. She began to notice the deep interconnectedness between the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Devoted to Yoga teachings, she started studying and practicing on her own to explore all these layers. A few years later, Kristen found Yin Yoga. Through the Yin practice she grew a gentle awareness and stillness with herself. This stirred pain from old patterns and stories to the surface. Through Yin she began to learn how to softly see and release the pain. In turn, she was finally able to embrace herself and her weeping inner child. Like a flower, her body began to open, and her pain dissipated. The Yin practice taught her calmness in movement which translated to strength, endurance, and presence in her active practices. She learned that in order to transcend past an emotion, feeling, thought, pattern, or story, we must learn to be still to be able to witness it. And it’s in how we witness that our state will naturally take its course of change. In time, transformation occurs from a softer, sweeter way of seeing ourselves.

Kristen explores the tides of the heart. She delves into the tender spaces in the mind & body with LOVE. She is devoted to heart consciousness and its divine path of self healing. Her acknowledgement of the heart encourages people to liberate their own love.

Kristen’s intention in guiding Yoga is to invite people to witness what is real and true for them (in their body, mind, and hearts) as well as to encourage a compassionate lens in which to see themselves. She acknowledges that day-to-day and moment-to-moment this may be different. Kristen’s classes are self explorative journeys to practice acceptance, softness, and loving kindness. She acknowledges the state of humanness through all channels of body, mind, emotion, feeling, heart, spirit, and soul. Kristen has infinite faith in her students to light the candle in their hearts, and to shine the flame brighter the deeper they gaze.

Whether it's through Yoga, writing, or other creative outlets Kristen aims to express her heart and offer it to others. Kristen is an insured RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200hr in Vinyasa through Sonic Yoga. She has completed well over 1000 hours of study and training in Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer by attending and assisting his training's. She has studied Kirtan with Bhakti Data Lasi at the Bhakti Center in NYC. Kristen is Level 3 attuned in Reiki in Hawayo Takata / Ushui Shiki Ryoho lineage. She is grateful to be on this unique path of exploring the energetic tapestry of the human body and offerings of the heart's gifts.