How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading

As a practitioner of many years, I know full well the power of a focused and accurate tarot reading. Tarot acts in service of divine energies that want to aid us on our path and help us make the right choices. Despite the mystique that surrounds the Tarot, it is a straight forward and practical tool that aims to elucidate, not confuse; empower, not alienate or cast aside your unique perspective.

That being said, people who sit at my table often confide that they are nervous or emotionally uncertain about having their cards read. The most common reasons are that people have had bad readings before that didn't resonate with them. Or they're afraid of receiving bad news. I also believe that many people are uncertain how helpful a tarot reading can be, and are hesitant to invest money in an art form that doesn't produce the tangible results we associate with value in our Western World.

On a deeper level, a certain amount of fear about having your cards read is normal even if--especially if--you trust the person reading for you. When faced with the divine's perspective on your life, your ego and bad habits are given no wiggle room. When transformation is clearly presented as the only way forward, it's very human response to balk or say, "I want to go back!"

But none of these reasons hold up as valid excuses for not seeking and receiving the guidance or reassurance you need on your path. Perpetuating the same cycles of unknowing and confusion is painful and unnecessary. The Tarot is an instrument designed to lead us directly out of those shadows, into a liberated and united existence. Receiving this gift only requires that you value your own happiness. Once you make that initial step, you allow the universe to support you.

In order to make the most of a Tarot reading, there are still some things you can do. Here is what I recommend for preparation:

  • Try to formulate at least one question relating to what you want to gain from the reading. This could be anything from "How can I best take care of myself right now?" to "What's the reality of _____ situation?" to "What goals should I be pursuing, and what moves can I take to support these goals?" Whatever question you choose or issue you want to address, my advice is to let it come from the heart. This will help you receive clear guidance that resonates with your authentic self.

  • Many people who seek tarot readings are in a moment of transformation. They don't necessarily know where they're going, but they know where they've been. If this is your situation, meditate beforehand on what would be most helpful to you moving forward. Do you need help letting go of a certain painful aspect? Guidance for how to heal? Perhaps you feel completely unclear. To these people, I say that positioning yourself to receive the spiritual message waiting for you is enough. Choosing long-term happiness by investing in your healing is sufficient.

  • Show up when you can focus completely on what's being said to you. That means your phone must be off and your schedule clear. Leaving yourself some quiet time after the reading ends can also help you integrate the messages you received.

Every tarot reading offers a unique blueprint for your present existence. It reveals the reality of what gifts and tools you have at your disposal, what work you can do to help yourself, and what limiting beliefs can be cast aside. By speaking directly to your unique situation, it reinforces how important you are, as well as your well-being. We're very fortunate to have several highly skilled readers at Firebird. Check out their bios and lists of services to see who resonates with you, and feel free to book a reading at any time by emailing