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We believe in the resilience of the human spirit, and in each person’s innate ability to cultivate peace & healing within themselves. Our aim is to use our gifts to nurture your unique spirit, and support you along your path of transformation.

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Summer Solstice Altar

Summer Solstice Altar

Firebird is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Portland, Oregon chapter, consisting of founder Sarah Rayne & partner Zack “Kat” Brady. Kat and Sarah are offering private Reiki Healing services as well as other services, workshops, and community events.

While Firebird Portland does not yet have a physical home, our plan is to foster meaningful relationships with new clients, our local communities & healing studios, as well as fellow practitioners, in order to do as much good as possible, and to better understand the needs and interests of the community. We’re looking forward to connecting!




sarah rayne

Sarah Rayne is a Reiki Master, a healing artist, and a facilitator of joy. She offers Reiki treatments + classes, tarot readings, sound journeys, and various workshops and community events. Her mission is to help lead others towards re-discovering the joy of natural creative & earth-based practices, in order to support them along their path of healing & growth.

“Sarah Rayne is a powerful community leader and a talented songstress with a particular gift for Sagittariusly organizing beautiful Moon Circles. She is simultaneously capable of holding sacred space and facilitating organized chaos while remaining humble, smart, and so genuine. She makes me feel welcome and celebrated just as I am. She accommodates my differently-abled body with a sweet discreetness that helps me feel included. I would highly recommend her to anyone; her talents are universally valuable.”

-Sarah G


Zack “Kat” Brady

Zack “Kat” Brady is a Reiki Master, student of Chinese Medicine, and wellness event organizer. They offer private Reiki treatments as well as workshops where you have the opportunity to be attuned to Reiki. As co-founder of Wandering Roots, they organize unique, donation-based wellness events. They are currently a doctoral student at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

“I had such an emotional experience with Zack at my first Reiki attunment (Reiki 1 - Self Healing). I had been struggling with severe arthritis with no hope. Zack’s instruction and Reiki practice have helped me to realign and feel supported by the universe. Zack is authentic and comforting. I am so grateful to have them as a teacher, guide, and support for my Reiki journey. Expect to be loved, nurtured, and realigned to your highest self. And always expect a miracle from the Universe.”

-Erica Brown


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