Portland Offerings and Workshops

Firebird Portland can host a variety of workshops and offering in many different settings. Below are the description of several common events. Other offerings, workshops, and classes can be offered by either Sarah Rayne or Zack on request and seasonally.


community reiki

Community Reiki is a wonderful opportunity for folks to recieve Reiki energy healing at affordable rates in a group setting. In these clinics, two or more Reiki practictioners will offer short Reiki sessions in one room with multiple healing stations set up on massage tables or yoga mats. This is perfect for someone who is curious about Reiki and would like to try it, or someone who cannot usually afford a standard session. 20 minute sessions are generally offered at a $10-$20 sliding scale. We would love to find a home to host one clinic per month!


Moon Ceremonies

Honoring the cycles of the moon is an ancient tradition that has been observed in many cultures across the world for centuries. Firebird’s signature New & Full Moon ceremonies blend our Pagan & Celtic roots, learned Eastern wisdom, astrological insights, and understanding of the challenges of modern life. Activities can include meditation, ritual, writing, sharing, music, movement, and creative exercises. These gatherings were the cornerstone of our community in Brooklyn, where our people would gather bi-monthly to celebrate, share, grow, and heal together in community.


Reiki Levels 1 & 2

These two day-long Reiki Practitioner certification courses are taught seperately, with at least 3 weeks in between, to allow each new practitioner to fully adjust to the big changes that the Reiki attunement brings. In level one, the students are introduced to the history and practices of Reiki, and learn how to use this universal life force energy for self-healing. Level two dives deeper, and explores advanced techniques, how to heal others, professional advice, as well as reveals the first three Reiki symbols. This class can be taught during one long day, or split into two shorter sessions over a weekend.


Reiki Sound Journey

These multi-sensory sound journeys are a relaxing and immersive experience which can initiate a deep level of peace & healing. These are perfect for a wide range of audiences, because all one has to do is show up, rest, and recieve the healing vibrations of sound and Reiki. Sessions usually center around a collective intention for healing + balance, and these are especially wonderful to perform at the full moon. Sessions will usually begin with discussion of the energy of the moment, sharing of intentions, and light movement or breath. A guided meditation will lead into a luxurious sound journey, which begins and ends with light hands-on Reiki healing.


Get In Touch

Interested in finding out more about these offerings or even hosting one? Reach out with this form, or email us at portland@firebirdhealingsarts.com , and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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