Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a positive universal life force energy that can encourage healing, balance, comfort, and clarity.

Reiki has the ability to aid in healing on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical level.

During a standard session, the practitioner will gently place hands on different areas of your body, channeling this energy to initiate deep healing, aid in balancing chakras, and clearing out energetic blockages. It is also an option for the practitioner to hover their hands, if you prefer not to be touched.

Most clients find a deep sense of peace and relaxation during the session, and leave re-energized & more balanced, ready to allow the positivity of the Reiki energy to improve their daily lives. More serious physical or chronic conditions may require multiple sessions in order to bring about significant improvements.

***All 60 minute Reiki Healing Treatments are offered by need-based sliding-scale rates. In order to determine where you fall on the sliding scale, please read through this sliding scale information prior to booking***






Sarah Rayne

Sarah is a Reiki Master, Healing Artist, and a Facilitator of Joy. In addition to her healing and creative pursuits, Sarah also lovingly runs Root Mamma, and is overjoyed to be surrounded by such an incredible community.

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Zack Brady

Zack is a Reiki Master, Qigong practitioner, musician, and co-organizer of Wandering Roots. They are also a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and practice I Ching divinations.

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