Shamanic Medicine Sessions


In this one hour one on one session, you will have a chance to not only examine, but explore the various paths towards your own individual spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

In this time, we will have a chance to work together on first revealing the underlying patterns at play, and eventually attaining the clarity you need to heal and move steadily forward. In this uniquely intimate space, you will have the chance to reflect and listen on the deepest level, re-establishing access to your own infinite creative source of personal potential.

In your willingness to receive vision, you’ll be granted the wisdom needed to clear and strengthen your own will, which is the foundation for letting natural medicine work in your life. Recommendations on a continued program  for optimal personal wellness will be given with each session, including referrals within the diverse Root Mamma community as well as the larger NYC and upstate NY holistic network.

Clients may choose to do a drop in reading or set up an individual treatment plan according to the needs and wishes of each.






Birdie Lawson

Birdie Lawson Is a spiritual health practitioner who has been involved in doing group and individual energy work for the last 15 years in New York. As a priestess, she works with each individual to reveal their own infinite and divine nature. As a shamanic therapist, she is able to exercise and exorcise the vibrations necessary for a sustained holistic relationship with self and the greater communities. As a visionary/spiritual midwife she assists in providing the understanding and support needed to re-birth the self.

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